Engineering Climate Datasets

Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) Files: FTP download Includes the latest version of short-duration rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) statistics in the form of tables and graphs with accompanying documentation for various locations across Canada. Current IDF files can be accessed through our station finder application or downloaded for each province and territory across Canada. In addition, historical versions of IDF files are also available for download. Updates of IDF files are provided approximately every two years depending on the availability of data.

Canadian Weather Energy and Engineering Datasets (CWEEDS): FTP download A computer dataset of hourly conditions for 21 weather elements occurring at a specific location. Datasets may begin as early as 1953 and end for most in 2005. CWEEDS files include the long term weather records necessary for urban planning and the design of energy efficient buildings. Most importantly, CWEEDS files provide the provision of estimated hourly solar radiation amounts (through the use of a model), for weather observation locations at which solar radiation is not observed.

Canadian Weather Year for Energy Calculation (CWEC): FTP download Datasets created by joining twelve Typical Meteorological Months selected from a database of, usually, 30 years of CWEEDS data. The months are chosen by statistically comparing individual monthly means with long term monthly means for daily total global radiation, mean, minimum and maximum dry bulb temperature, mean, minimum and maximum dew point temperature, and mean and maximum wind speed.

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