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Historical Climate Data

Access hourly, daily, or monthly data for stations across Canada.

Historical RADAR

Access historical radar images for 31 stations across Canada. National, regional and local images are available.

Canadian Climate Normals

Find climate averages or extremes for nearly 1100 locations in Canada.

Engineering Climate Datasets

Interested in IDF Curves, CWEEDS or CWEC files? Visit our Engineering Climate Datasets page.

Monthly Climate Summaries

Are you looking for...?

  • Precipitation Totals
  • Max-Min Temperatures
  • Degree Days
  • Monthly Summaries

A cross-country summary of the averages and extremes for the month.

  • Historical Climate Data1
  • Historical RADAR2
  • Canadian Climate Normals3
  • Engineering Climate Datasets4
  • Monthly Climate Summaries5

Accessing the Data

Follow these steps to access historical climate data:

Step 1:

Select data interval

Data Interval

Step 2:

Select date

Step 3:

Type in location name and select Search

Station Name
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Today's Weather Trivia

19 December

1933: Floods along the Fraser River in BC inundated thousands of hectares of rich farmland, especially Chinese truck gardens and greenhouses. Strong westerly winds pushed high tides inland. The floods drowned 40 sheep and several hogs at the B.C. Livestock Exchange. Horses stood in water up to their neck and whinnied in fear. At Mud Bay, 2-m rollers roared over the site where the dyke once had been.

Excerpt from 'The Canadian Weather Trivia Calendar' by David Phillips. © Environment Canada