What's New in latest Release from April 7th, 2021:

- Updated Glossary, including Speed of Maximum Gust, and Total Hourly Precipitation

- Updated national and regional climate services offices contacts and prices information

- Addition of station inventory lists for 1981-2010, 1971-2000, and 1961-1990 Normals.

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Canadian Historical Weather Radar - Pacific

Aldergrove - located near Vancouver, British Columbia. Bethune - located near Regina, Saskatchewan. Carvel - located near Edmonton, Alberta. Jimmy Lake - located near Cold Lake, Alberta. Prince George - located near Prince George, British Columbia. Radisson - located near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Schuler - located near Medicine Hat, Alberta. Silver Star Mountain - located near Vernon, British Columbia. Spirit River - located near Grande Prairie, Alberta. Strathmore - located near Calgary, Alberta. Victoria - located near Victoria, British Columbia
PRECIPET - Rain - 2021-05-06, 06:20 UTC, 13/13
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N/O - Non-operational


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