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Station Results - 1971-2000 Climate Normals and Averages

3 stations found within a search radius of 25 kilometres of CRANBROOK A, with available climate normals. Stations with an asterisk "*" indicate that this station meets the United Nation's World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standards. Stations are listed in proximity order relative to the search criteria (nearest to farthest). Click on a station name to display the climate normals.

1971-2000 Canadian Climate Normals Stations
Station Name Province/Territory Proximity (km) Latitude Longitude Elevation (m)
CRANBROOK CITY BC 11.56 km 49°30' N 115°45' W 926 m
* MARYSVILLE BC 12.91 km 49°38' N 115°57' W 960 m
WASA BC 24.26 km 49°48' N 115°38' W 970 m

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