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Please note that for the Engineering Climate Datasets, IDF dataset is available through this link.  Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) Files: Includes the latest version of short-duration rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) statistics in the form of tables and graphs with accompanying documentation for various locations across Canada.  Current IDF files can be accessed through our station finder application or downloaded for each province and territory across Canada.  In addition, historical versions of IDF files are also available for download.  Updates of IDF files are provided approximately every two years depending on the availability of data.   Thank you for your patience as we enhance our systems.

Station Results - 1981-2010 Climate Normals and Averages

19 stations found in Yukon, with available climate normals. Stations with an asterisk "*" indicate that this station meets the United Nation's World Meteorological Organization (WMO) standards. Stations are listed in alphabetical order. Click on a station name to display the climate normals.

1981-2010 Canadian Climate Normals Stations
Station Name Latitude Longitude Elevation (m)
BEAVER CREEK A 62°24' N 140°52' W 649 m
BLANCHARD RIVER 60°00' N 136°46' W 836 m
BURWASH A 61°22' N 139°03' W 806 m
CARCROSS 60°10' N 134°42' W 660 m
DAWSON A 64°02' N 139°07' W 370 m
DRURY CREEK 62°12' N 134°23' W 609 m
FARO A 62°12' N 133°22' W 716 m
* MAYO A 63°37' N 135°52' W 504 m
MAYO ROAD 60°52' N 135°11' W 655 m
MCQUESTEN 63°35' N 137°31' W 458 m
OLD CROW A 67°34' N 139°50' W 250 m
OTTER FALLS NCPC 61°02' N 137°03' W 830 m
* PELLY RANCH 62°49' N 137°18' W 445 m
STEWART CROSSING 63°23' N 136°41' W 480 m
TAKHINI RIVER RANCH 60°56' N 135°34' W 671 m
TESLIN A 60°10' N 132°44' W 705 m
* WATSON LAKE A 60°07' N 128°49' W 687 m
WHITEHORSE A 60°42' N 135°04' W 706 m
WHITEHORSE RIVERDALE 60°42' N 135°01' W 640 m
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