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Monthly Total Rain for 1955


49°22'00.000" N
124°56'00.000" W
91.40 m

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Monthly Total Rain for 1955 Month: Dec; Total Rain (mm): 196.6 Month: Nov; Total Rain (mm): 271.8 Month: Oct; Total Rain (mm): 247.1 Month: Sept; Total Rain (mm): 58.7 Month: Aug; Total Rain (mm): 12.4 Month: Jul; Total Rain (mm): 63.5 Month: Jun; Total Rain (mm): 44.2 Month: May; Total Rain (mm): 41.4 Month: Apr; Total Rain (mm): 162.3 Month: Mar; Total Rain (mm): 116.6 Month: Feb; Total Rain (mm): 80.8 Month: Jan; Total Rain (mm): 131.1
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