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Daily Data Report for April 1890


48°26'00.000" N
123°25'00.000" W
13.70 m

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Daily Data (1890)

Daily Data Report for April 1890

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Notes on Data Quality.


  • A = Accumulated
  • C = Precipitation occurred, amount uncertain
  • E = Estimated
  • F = Accumulated and estimated
  • L = Precipitation may or may not have occurred
  • M = Missing
  • N = Temperature missing but known to be > 0
  • S = More than one occurrence
  • T = Trace
  • Y = Temperature missing but known to be   < 0
  • [empty] = Indicates an unobserved value
  • ^ = The value displayed is based on incomplete data
  • † = Data that is not subject to review by the National Climate Archives
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