What’s New in latest Release from January 14th 2021:

·       In Historical Hourly Data Report, users can switch between Local Standard Time (LST) and Universal Time Coordinates (UTC) time.

·       In Historical Hourly Data Report, we have an addition of a new column to display hourly precipitation data for the stations where the data are available, from 2001 onwards.

·       Expanded the Search Options of the Canadian Historical Weather Radar, users now able to select 24 hours (1 image every hour) image viewing duration.

Please note that the IDF dataset is available through this link: Intensity-Duration-Frequency (IDF) Files .

Almanac Averages and Extremes for November 28


44°58'29.000" N
79°18'12.000" W
281.90 m

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Almanac Averages & Extremes
Averages and Extremes
Category (Period of Record) Value Year
Average Maximum Temperature    
Average Minimum Temperature    
Monthly Frequency of Precipitation    
Highest Temperature (2009-2020) 4.9 °C 2020
Lowest Temperature (2009-2020) -18.5 °C 2013
Greatest Precipitation (2009-2019) 1.1 mm 2011
Greatest Rainfall    
Greatest Snowfall    
Most Snow on the Ground    
Most Recent Daily Data for November 28
Year Maximum Temperature DefinitionMax Temp
Minimum Temperature DefinitionMin Temp
Mean Temperature DefinitionMean Temp
Total Rain DefinitionTotal Rain
Total Snow DefinitionTotal Snow
Total Precipitation DefinitionTotal Precip
Snow on Ground DefinitionSnow on Grnd
Direction of Maximum Gust DefinitionDir of Max Gust
10's deg
Speed of Maximum Gust DefinitionSpd of Max Gust
2020 4.9 -0.8 2.1     LegendMM   26 39
2019 4.2 -5.2 -0.5     0.2   33 48
2018 LegendMM LegendMM LegendMM     LegendMM   LegendMM LegendMM


  • A = Accumulated
  • B = More than one occurrence and estimated
  • C = Precipitation occurred, amount uncertain
  • E = Estimated
  • F = Accumulated and estimated
  • L = Precipitation may or may not have occurred
  • M = Missing
  • N = Temperature missing but known to be > 0
  • S = More than one occurrence
  • T = Trace
  • Y = Temperature missing but known to be   < 0
  • [empty] = Indicates an unobserved value
  • ^ = The value displayed is based on incomplete data
  • † = Data that is not subject to review by the National Climate Archives
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