How to Use - Historical Climate Data

How do I obtain historical weather data for a particular location and date (e.g. what was the weather on February 4, 2006 at White Rock, British Columbia)?

To view historical weather data for a particular location and date, visit our home page or click on the "Historical Climate Data" link within the main menu "Data" tab. Follow steps 1-3 to obtain the data you are interested in:

Accessing the Data

Step 1 - Select data interval

Three options are provided: hourly, daily, and monthly. Note that all three data intervals are not available for all possible stations; it depends on what was observed at each site. For this particular example, select a data interval of 'hourly' to obtain the hourly breakdown of the weather for the day in question.

Step 2 - Select date

Depending on the data interval selected, you will be provided with a combination of the following dropdown menu options: year, month and day. For example, if you select a data interval of monthly, you will only be given the option to select from the year dropdown menu. If you select a data interval of daily, you will be able to specify the year and month of interest. If a data interval of hourly is selected, all three dropdown options will be available. For this example, select year = 2006, month = February, and day = 4.

Step 3 - Type in location name and select Search

Type in the name of the location you are interested in and select the Search button. The more characters you type in, the more refined the list becomes. Two radio buttons are located below the text box. This allows users the option of either searching for a station that "contains" a string of characters or searching for a station that "begins with" a phrase. If you are not sure of a station's name, use "contains" which is the default search option. For this example, type = 'White Rock' and select the Search button.

Results of your search criteria (Steps 1-3) will be displayed on a Station Results page:

Search by location name results

When you see the location, interval and dates that you were looking for, select the Go button to access the data.

If you still cannot find the location you are looking for, hit the Back button to revise your search criteria or click on the Advanced Search link under the main menu "Data" tab. For information on using the Advanced Search tool, click the "How to Use" button found on the Advanced Search page.

For a list of other historical data tools and products from the National Climate Archives, visit any of the main menu tabs listed at the top of the page (Data, About the Data and Resources).

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