Daily Data Report for October 2014

Metadata including Station Name, Province, Latitude, Longitude, Elevation, Climate ID, WMO ID, TC ID
Latitude: 50°10'38.020" N Longitude: 96°03'53.000" W Elevation: 268.00 m
Climate ID: 503B1ER WMO ID: 71448 TC ID: WEA
Daily Data Report for October 2014
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Min Temp Definition

Mean Temp Definition

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Dir of Max Gust Definition
10's deg
Spd of Max Gust Definition

01  LegendMM 11.1LegendEE LegendMM LegendMM LegendMM LegendMM LegendMM LegendMM     <31
Sum     0.0LegendCarer^0.0LegendCarer^0.0LegendCarer^   
Avg 11.1LegendCarer^         
Xtrm 11.1LegendCarer^         
Summary, average and extreme values are based on the data above.
  • A = Accumulated
  • C = Precipitation occurred, amount uncertain
  • E = Estimated
  • F = Accumulated and estimated
  • L = Precipitation may or may not have occurred
  • M = Missing
  • N = Temperature missing but known to be   > 0
  • S = More than one occurrence
  • T = Trace
  • Y = Temperature missing but known to be   < 0
  • [empty] = No data available
  • ^ = The value displayed is based on incomplete data
  • † = Data for this day has undergone only preliminary quality checking
  • ‡ = Partner data that is not subject to review by the National Climate Archives